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Focusing on innovative and disruptive products and platforms for entrepreneurs and small businesses that are poised to scale.

Engineer Simple.

Focused on a value-based product management mindset, and leveraging a depth of intellectual property the company uses a highly disciplined execution and build strategy that gains economies of scale through a “closed open source model” with a forward-thinking philosophy on staying current and relevant in the technology space.

Launched Products.

cnect digital discovery process


A next-generation tool that allows employers and candidates to regain control of their time and resources by automating the entire hiring process, from how job seekers are identified and connected to the right jobs, to how they communicate and how they interact.

Concentric Compliance

Efficient Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software for today’s businesses that simplifies the process of managing policies, procedures, assignments, training, and more. Previously tedious compliance tasks are handled automatically and effortlessly.

Portfolio Products.

In addition to funding and building its own products, Engineering11 builds, maintains, and operates software platforms for select businesses and entrepreneurs in a partnership model.


Based on a proven and innovative marketing model, a marketing automation platform that enables businesses to optimize their marketing efforts and spending.

Medical Supply Chain

Innovative software that scours the pricing of a business’s current inventory to find the most cost-effective solution available, usually resulting in 20% or more cost savings.

In Stock Depot

Construction and Manufacturing

A B2B construction and manufacturing supply marketplace to list and sell excess inventory plus a searchable database of supplies and materials that might not be currently available from the manufacturer 

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